PhD Candidate
Astrodynamics and Space Missions, Delft University of Technology
Improving error propagation of space debris for conjunction analysis and re-entry predictions. Addressing the orbit description and prediction of space debris. Investigating verified and statistical error propagation methods. Examining models and propagation methods of rotational dynamics.
Intern Game Theory Optimization
Advanced Concepts Team, European Space Agency
Researching and improving Evolutionary Game Theory algorithms for constrained and multi-objective optimisation. Implementing in the PaGMO framework and benchmarking algorithm.
MSc Spaceflight
Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology
Core courses: Astrodynamics, C++, Mission Geometry and Orbit Design, Optimal Control, Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation, Space Systems Engineering, Monte-Carlo Methods.

Thesis: Neurocontrol for Global Optimisation of Low-thrust Trajectories

Junior Stress Engineer
Mechanical Engineering, SPIE Controlec Engineering
Investigating the feasibility and selection of a Finite Element Software package, as well as solving several related problems. I also worked on an ignition hazard assessment for mechanical equipment at three Vopak locations, my tasks ranged from on-site inspection to database manipulation.
BSc Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology
Minor: Sustainable Earth

Thesis: From Earth to Mars in 70 Days


Chairman, founder, treasurer
Society Vis Viva
Vis Viva provides a forum for Space professionals – including engineers, scientists, lawyers – who are passionate about Space and want to discuss and learn from each other. To this end the society organises bi-weekly meetings, symposia, (mission design) workshops, and social events.
SpaceUp NL (editions 2014 and 2015)
SpaceUp is an unconventional conference which offers 100 space professionals and enthusiasts a platform to share and discuss ideas and present work over the course of one weekend. My organizing responsibilities include: contacting sponsors, booking venue, arranging secondary activities (tours, dinner), financial administration, t-shirt and logo design, and ticket system.

2014 The first SpaceUp in The Netherlands took place on May, 10-11, 2014 at Space Expo and ESA/ESTEC.

2015 The second edition was held October 2-4 October 2015 at Space Expo and Delft University of Technology, in conjunction with World Space Week 2015 and the ESTEC open day.




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